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Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit

Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit

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Enjoy fresh and delicious superfoods any time of the year with your very own microfarm.

Mild flavored and bright green, Broccoli Microgreens have extremely high inflammation fighting polyphenols and Sulforaphane (around 40x the amount of the adult plant)! Beautiful Purple Radish comes in close to Broccoli as far as nutritional benefits, and tastes spicy just like radish root. Grow time takes typically 7-14 days depending on the crop. These kits are meant to be used for many years to come! Refill with Kim’s Farmacy ‘Seed Refill Kits’ which include pre-measured organic seeds and coco-coir.

Add microgreens to salad, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, or as a gourmet garnish! 

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