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Calendula Mint Foot Spa Kit

Calendula Mint Foot Spa Kit

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All the elements of an ultimate foot care ritual conveniently tucked into one box. Your feet work so hard to ground & support you. It’s time to show them some love! Massaging, soaking, and scrubbing your feet promotes overall body health and relaxation, beautifies your feet, and completely blisses you out. Enjoy this ritual of self-care & self-love yourself, or give it as the perfect gift for any occasion.

Each kit comes with a hefty jar of Foot Mask, Foot Scrub, and Foot Balm, a bag of Herbal Foot Soak, a gorgeous natural lava pumice stone, and a handy wooden scooping spoon. It is perfect for deep exfoliation of dry skin on feet, for pedicures, and for routine foot care. Complete instructions included.

These products are serious foot care powerhouses. The mask is intensely softening and detoxing, the scrub facilitates multiple levels of exfoliation, the balm locks in moisture for days, the herbal foot soak prepares feet for treatment while bringing relaxation deep into the muscles, and the pumice stone helps treat the extra rough spots. Your feet will be smooth, supple, and refreshed.

Calendula Mint is an anti-inflammatory and cooling combination. This blend refreshes over worked feet.

Foot Mask, Foot Scrub, Foot Balm, Herbal Foot Soak, Natural Lava Pumice, Scoop Spoon, Complete Spa Instructions
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