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Little Wonder

Austin is Cool Children's Book

Austin is Cool Children's Book

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AUSTIN IS COOL, is a sunny tribute to the coolest and awesomely weirdest city in the Lone Star State (and beyond). A series of bright, bold, graphic, Austin scenes, guide you through some of the places, people and things that have given Austin its soul and reputation as a purveyor of all things cool. And weird.

Written for all the cool kids out there — from the littlest locals, to first-time trippers, and all of their grown-ups; the spirit of this book is about embracing YOUR weird and all the things that make you unique and crazy cool. Keeping it true to Austin, every effort was made to keep this book local and green. It was entirely produced by bookbinders and printers in Texas (ATX and SATX), and as close to Austin as possible. It was printed on premium eco-friendly sustainable paper.

– All books are signed by the Author
– Created in Austin, Produced in Texas
– Premium Eco-Friendly Sustainable Paper
– Hardcover: 52 pages
– Dimensions: 8.75 x 8.75 x .375

This book makes a great gift for baby showers, wedding guest gifts, and corporate gifts!

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